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BY: INTO REAL PAGES 26th of February, 2016

How to print your Weebly blog into a book

Although Weebly still doesn't offer any official support for us to fetch their user's blog data, our 'unofficial' Weebly integration has become pretty popular. It looks like a lot of Weebly bloggers are looking for a way to create a book from their blog. Nobody can answer there call... but Into Real Pages!

In the past week 6 more Weebly bloggers did send us a request to turn their blog into a book. We helped them and along the way improved our book editor so that it loads and translates all Weebly blog posts into a book more perfect than ever before.

Users of our officially supported blog platforms (Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Typepad, Twitter, LiveJournal, Evernote, Postagon, etc.) can turn their blog into a book right away, without having to send us a request.

If you are a Weebly blogger and want to know how to print your blog, you can just contact us and we will help you out right away!

For the love of bloggers and their storytelling, worldwide!