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BY: INTO REAL PAGES 18th of July, 2016

Adding the perfect Table of Contents to your blog book

Not only flowers bloom in the summer. Into Real Pages is blossoming as well. Summer discounts, price drops, new formats (print your blog as a magazine now!)… just to name a few of the many new features and improvements of your favorite blog to book service.

And it is still getting better!

New Table of Contents style available

Many bloggers already are familiar with our book editor and know that it allows you to enrich your books with a month index or chapter index, giving you a nice overview of the content in your book.

But since today it is also possible to add a Table of Contents based on the titles of your blog posts!

This new option will be especially welcomed by old school bloggers whose posts are truly articles and that always have a meaningful title (instead of 'photo upload #3′, 'twitter reblog 23423′ ;-) ).

Don't mistake our last remark for a subtle insult to bloggers whose posts have meaningless tiitles. We love you too!!

O, yeah - of course you can also choose to not include any Table of Contents. We love chaotic geniuses and anarchists too :-)

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