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BY: INTO REAL PAGES 28th of July, 2017

A message of love

Dear blogging friends,

Here is just a short message of love:

To this day we delighted to see that our service is used by people worldwide to print books that tell unique stories about their
unique experience of the great milestones in life, experienced alone or shared with friends or family. It is truly wonderful to help you collect and preserve these priceless memories completely where most other services only allow you to print your photos.

Our business was getting slightly overheated for the past few months. While that is actually an indiciation of our prosperity, we were having a hard time keeping up with all the emails that you
guys send us. But those days are over now!

Having finally grown into a company that can handle many book making questions daily, your emails and facebook messages can
count on our widely acclaimed responsiveness once again!!

Also, we are fully developing pretty revolutionary new features that will allow you to create a book from your blog with even more control
than our software currently does. But that's another story for another post ;-)

Finally, where the Undertones were singing 'Here comes the summer', Into Real Pages will soon be singing 'here come the summer discount coupons'. So make sure to keep in touch! ;-)

The IntoRealPages team

P.S. Yeah, I know that word play play on the Undertones song is really lame