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BY: INTO REAL PAGES 22nd of May, 2016

(Small) new features

Dear Blogging Friends,

Our last blog post is from very long ago. What a shame! On the other hand, we are really grateful that we can say we still are very busy every day helping all bloggers who want to print their blog into a book and keep their stories with them and their family forever.

Even though being busy helping users, we obviously keep adding new features to our Recently new features are mostly small improvements.

Coming soon

We've also got some long anticipated new features coming up. But note that these may take up to 2-3 months still: new magazine formats, posters, official Weebly blog support (we currently only support it if you send us a mail) and more cost efficient shipping & more.

Book preview

We do want to share one small new feature with you: jump to a specific page in your book preview.

It is super simple but those with blog books of 300+ pages will absolutely love it. People with small blog books will.. well.. love it to ;-)