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Print your blog. Make it real.

Because your blogging life is about your real life.

(Supported: Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Twitter, LiveJournal, Evernote, EduBlogs, Postagon, TravellersPoint)

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These awesome blogbook photos are published with permission from our customers A House in the Country and Eva Quigley Fitness

All our formats have the same price. Softcovers are cheaper than hardcovers. See for yourself in the price indication below:

(Most websites just show starting prices, usually for a book of 25 pages. In practice your blog book will have at least twice as many.)



Price per extra page

Softcover 40 (small) $26,5 / $0.30
Magazine 80 (average) $37.5 / $0.30
Hardcover 150 (impressive) $71 / $0.36


Most of the time we have discount actions running that get 15-20% off your book price!

Order in bulk?

Do you plan to order more than 5 copies of your book? Contact us and we will get you a special package price!

No one captures memories or writes stories the way you do. That's why your blog book is destined to become a unique personal creation. We are prepared for that and instead of forcing one book design and format upon you, we offer many options to control your book's layout and format!


Paper quality



Paper weight: 200 GSM**

Paper type: Glossy

Binding: Perfect

Square (20cmx20cm)

Portrait (21cmx29.6cm)

Alt. Portrait (19cmx26cm) *

Novel (14.9x21cm)

* supports 300-800 pages
  paper weight: 100 GSM


Paper weight
Cover: 250 GSM
Pages: 115 GSM

Paper type: Matte

Binding: Perfect

* Laminated softboard

Portrait (21cmx29.6cm)

Novel (14.9x21cm)


Paper weight
Cover: 200 GSM
Pages: 115 GSM

Paper type: Default

Binding: Perfect

Portrait (21cmx29.6cm)

Novel (14.9x21cm)

** GSM - grams per square meter.

We have already shipped many books to bloggers worldwide, from San Francisco to Sydney, from Cape Town to Helsinki!

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If it matters to you, print it!

More and more of our memories, thoughts and creativity are stored at big internet companies. More and more grows the need to bring it home. Your blogging life is part of your real life. It matters. Make it real and tangible. Print it!

The most amazing gift

If your friend or family runs a blog, there is no greater and original gift you can give them other than printing their blog. Surprise them after giving them a kiss or handshake. They'll love it! Show your love for them by writing a wonderful foreword.